Bufo anderssoni synonym of Rhaebo guttatus

The taxonomic status of Rhaebo anderssoni (Melin, 1941) (Anura: Bufonidae)

Abstract.– Bufo anderssoni Melin, 1941 is synonymised with Rhaebo guttatus (Schneider, 1799) based on direct comparison of the holotypes of both and fresh material. All characters of the former fall within the intraspecific variation of R. guttatus. The few characters used in the original description to distinguish anderssoni from guttatus (narrower interorbital space, smaller tympanum and smaller size) are not considered important interspecific differences, but rather dependent on ontogenetic development.

Cita / Citation: Barrio-Amorós, C. L. & Castroviejo-Fisher, S. (2007) The taxonomic status of Rhaebo anderssoni (Melin, 1941) (Anura: Bufonidae). Salamandra 43(4): 250-253.

Correos electrónicos de los autores: Cesar L. Barrio-Amoros cesarlba@yahoo.com, Santiago Castroviejo-Fisher santiago.castroviejo@ebc.uu.se.


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