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BiodiversityNews es el blog donde publico información sobre el conocimiento, la ciencia, nuestro universo, el planeta, la diversidad de vida (biodiversidad), su conservación y nuestra relación con el mundo. Todo con el objetivo de ayudar a la educación de todos los humanos, difundiendo datos que nos ayuden a comprendernos mejor, a entender nuestro mundo, a vivir en libertad.

Gracias por visitar este blog, espero lo disfruten!

Diego Francisco

“The size and age of the Cosmos are beyond ordinary human understanding. Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home. In a cosmic perspective, most human concerns seem insignificant, even petty. And yet our species is young and curious and brave and shows much promise. In the last few millennia we have made the most astonishing and unexpected discoveries about the Cosmos and our place within it, explorations that are exhilarating to consider. They remind us that humans have evolved to wonder, that understanding is a joy, that knowledge is prerequisite to survival. I believe our future depends powerfully on how well we understand this Cosmos in which we float like a mote of dust in the morning sky” Carl Sagan, 1980.

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